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Custom Vehicle Lighting Design

Nothing sets the mood like the proper lighting. We're talking colorful HID headlights here, not fireside chats and soft music. When you take the plunge into the world of HID lights, you are doing yourself a favor. Not only are you drastically improving your car's lighting system, you are making your vehicle safer and better prepared for nighttime driving.

Aside from the safety benefits of HIDs is the aesthetic appeal provided by the various color options you have when making the upgrade. Based on the temperature, the color of HID bulbs varies as you increase or decrease the output. The whitest and brightest of them all is the lowest temperature, around 4300k. The color change gradually transforms from bright white to violet purple as the temperature rises up to 12000k. This is the most noticeable of all the HID colors and though it's very unique, it's not for everyone. Most opt for something on the lower end of the scale, sticking to a more natural light; usually somewhere between 4300 and 8000k.

Having the luxury of choosing the color of light your headlight emits, gives you more flexibility and allows you to keep your styling and color themes consistent throughout the customization process of your entire ride.

(*) Denotes most popular lighting

HID 3000K 5000K 6000k 8000K 10000K 12000K


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